Francisco Presencia

Maker. Programmer. Escritor. デザイナー。

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I'm a Maker at heart, so I love taking a raw thought and building it to completion, whether one of my own or something I find interesting.
This means that while I enjoy Javascript the most, I have used many languages and tech. Enjoy my website and feel free to ask me anything 😄

Selected Products

Choice of those that were designed, programmed and delivered by me:

Open Source Repositories

While I am a well known JS dev with many repositories, I think these are some of my best:

⭐ 3.2k 💻 server

Powerful and secure server for Node.js with websockets

⭐ 2.3k 🍫 brownies

Delicious cookies, local and session storage manipulation

⭐ 1.6kumbrellajs

Lightweight library for DOM manipulation and events

⭐ 529 📊 drive-db

Google Drive Spreadsheets as your local database

⭐ 206 📚 legally

Check the licenses of npm dependency tree

⭐ 29 🈂️ translate

Translate text on node.js and the browser with promises

Tech Writing

I enjoy writing my thinking and some times I publish it. Here are some of my favourite:

💥 new Running PHP in Javascript 🤯

I could get a basic PHP version transpiling and running in pure Javascript. No server needed.

👓 7.7k Transferring Github stars 🌠

Explanation of how I moved stars to a new project from an old and undeserving library

👓 3.0k Real time chat tutorial

Explain the different concepts and provide the needed resources so every developer can follow it. Implemented with server.js and

👓 1.4k Getting a great npm name

Discovered a way to obtain taken npm names that is not so well known and decided to share it with the javascript community.

👓 2.5k Async/Await are awesome

A review of how these new ES6 features can improve asynchronous programming by simplifying your code greatly.

👓 110k Custom right-click menu

Detailed answer with my own solution for creating custom right-click menus. Works great with single page applications.


Quick prototypes, work in progress or abandoned experiments I've done in Javascript:

Terminal video

Simulate terminal, browser and editor for quick code examples

Stereo depth

Find the depth of distributed borders of a stereo image pair

Crypto messages

Encrypt/Decrypt securely in front-end javascript

SVG Generator

Generate pleasant SVG images randomly

Hyper Speed

A canvas visualization with star wars hyper speed

Tree Visualization

Visualization of JSON and HTML trees with pure css