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Able to understand business requirements and work with the team to achieve the best solutions. Passionate about learning with a focus on programming, design and different cultures.


Invast Securities Jan 18 - Present

Prototype, design and development the platform Money Hatch (To Be Released) with focus on security. Worked with management to plan the project timeline.

React Redux CI/CD 日本語

Teacher on Le Wagon Sep 17 - Nov 17

Front-end, build processes and techniques. Guided students from design to presentation of their fast paced team projects.

SCSS Javascript ES7 Webpack

Francisco IO LTD Feb 16 - Sept 17

Remote contracting for 10+ projects with several companies all over the world. Mainly front-end with some occasional back-end.

React Angular Ember Node.js

Makers UPV Sep 12 - Aug 16

VP of non-profit with many roles including website design and workshop instructor. Organized events and lead several projects.

Node.js grunt

Internship in Enerlin Oct 15 - Jan 2016

Developed in a variety of languages in the back-end to provide real-time data analysis.

Node.js PHP Symphony

Internship in Gigoing May 14 - Dec 14

Developed the whole back-end in PHP and MySQL. Implement some front-end features.

PHP MySQL Javascript


Tokyo University2015

Final Year Project with Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing in Javascript.

Valencia Polytechnic Univ.2010 - 2016

Industrial Technology Engineering Degree with honors on Circuit Theory.

Personal projects

Server for Node.js 2016 - 2017

Modular and flexible framework with modern technology. Fully documented and tested.

Node.js ES7 jest

Picnic CSS2014 - 2016

Responsive library to have a basic template which grew to become fully-featured.

CSS SCSS browserify

Selected awards

NASA's Hackathon 2014

Global winner developing a Space Helmet.

Robotic Challenge 2013

Several awards through robot prototyping.

Physics Olympics 2009

Regional winner while in Highschool.