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Capable to understand business requirements and work with the team to achieve the best solution. Passionate about learning with a focus on programming, design and different cultures. Flexible approach to challenges while maintaining the quality of the final product.


Server for Node.js 2016 - 2017

Modular and flexible framework based on modern technology. Created significant documentation and tested extensively.

Node.js ES7 jest

Comments Network 2017

Embed comment system that efficiently handles front-page HN traffic. Iterated features based on user feedback.

Node.js ES7

Sequoia Capital 2016

Contract to create advanced animations and transitions in CSS. Collaborated with the team to integrate them into the Ember.js SPA.

CSS3 HTML5 Ember.js git

Andreseen Horowitz 2016

Integrated a navigation component into a larger website. Responsible to modify it in-depth to adapt it to the desired functionality.

React.js ES6 CSS3 git

Angular Attack 2016

Created landing page for the largest Angular hackathon. Managed the requeriments from the contracting company to the graphic artist.

HTML5 CSS3 git

Makers UPV 2012 - 2016

VP of this non-profit with many roles including website design and workshop instructor. Grew the comunity from dozens to hundreds.

Node.js grunt

Internship in Enerlin 2015 - 2016

Developed in a variety of languages in the back-end to provide real-time data analysis.

Node.js PHP Symphony

Internship in Gigoing 2014

Developed the whole back-end in PHP and MySQL. Implement some front-end features.

PHP MySQL Javascript


Tokyo University2015

Final Year Project with Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing in Javascript.

Valencia Polytechnic Univ.2010 - 2016

Industrial Technology Engineering Degree with honors on Circuit Theory.

Personal projects

Picnic CSS2014 - 2016

Responsive library to have a basic template which grew to become fully-featured.

CSS SCSS browserify

Superdom 2016

ES6 experiment to interact with the DOM with a different API based on Proxy().


Umbrella JS 2015-2016

Modular jquery's alternative developed with many contributors from around the world.

JS Phantom jest

Drive DB 2015

Database engine based on Google Calc API. Follows MongoDB API and uses a local cache.

Selected awards

NASA's Space Apps 2014

Global winner developing a Space Helmet.

EBEC 2014

Regional winner in timed Engineering contest.

Robotic AESS Challenge 2013

Several awards through robot prototyping.

Physics Olympics 2009

Regional winner while in Highschool.



I love learning about new cultures and speak:

Spanish English Japanese [basic] Italian [basic] Valencian [middle]


I am Spanish and willing to relocate. Would need VISA sponsorship outside Europe.

Relocate OK Remote OK Driving license
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